About Us

    Mission Statement

    The Mission of K2A is connecting people to various resources surrounding mental health and its’ awareness.

    Our Vision

    K2A is the strong bridge that connects resources with the local communities by increasing mental health awareness in a creative environment.

    Our Values

    • Honesty, Integrity, and Professionalism
    • Family, Community Centered, Enjoying Life, Wellness
    • Knowledge, Empathy, Inclusion, Fostering Safe Spaces

    Our Goals

    • To honor our commitments
    • To establish pathways
    • To be worldwide

    Our Objectives

    • To always promote knowledge surrounding mental health
    • To provide informative mental health information through various types of resources
    • To highlight proactive and coping strategies
    • To be a valued partnership within the communities

    Message from our K2A’s Founder & CEO, Aaron Ross

    “My eyes were fully opened to the severity of mental illness and the importance of mental health awareness at an early age, as a minority surrounded by underserved communities, mental illness was and is prevalent.” Mental disorders are the leading cause of disability. Mental illnesses such as those associated with mood, personality, psychotic and trauma related disorders are widely known and touches us all in some form or another.  I along with many others can identify with the impact that mental health has on us, our loved ones and those in our communities. Mental illness, can lead to suicidal ideations, self-isolation, or addiction; but one of the most tragic is suicide due to its’ irrevocable nature. Mental illness has no boundaries and does not discriminate, it crosses all socio-economic classes. After experiencing tragic events, within my own circle, I was able to destigmatize my own views and self-identify forms of mental illness.

     Like most minorities, I identified suicide as a shameful act and I battled what was instilled in me by family, religion, and culture. This stigma, lack of awareness and education, hinders families who are caring for love ones that are struggling with mental illness. The stigma places boundaries that self-consciously allows one to turn a blind eye to the importance of mental illness.

     In an effort of breaking the silence and removing the stigma, I created this nonprofit organization in May of 2023. With over 2 decades of professional experience in Health and Human services, working in roles on both, front line staff and managerial; along with holding various positions within television production, I will continue to create unique platforms to disseminate awareness to mental health. As a community, we all hold the keys to awareness and must unite to save lives by bringing awareness to mental health.”