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    Mission Statement

    The Mission of K2A is connecting people to various resources surrounding mental health and its’ awareness.

    Our Vision

    K2A is the strong bridge that connects resources with the local communities by increasing mental health awareness in a creative environment.

    Our Values

    • Honesty, Integrity, and Professionalism
    • Family, Community Centered, Enjoying Life, Wellness
    • Knowledge, Empathy, Inclusion, Fostering Safe Spaces

    Our Goals

    • To honor our commitments
    • To establish pathways
    • To be worldwide

    Our Objectives

    • To always promote knowledge surrounding mental health
    • To provide informative mental health information through various types of resources
    • To highlight proactive and coping strategies
    • To be a valued partnership within the communities

    Keys2Awareness Launches Programs to Provide Help for Disadvantaged Youth

    Many young people enter adulthood at a distinct disadvantage. This especially includes disadvantaged youth who have grown up in low-income households, have one or both parents in prison, or are part of immigrant or minority families. Keys2Awareness, a new service focused on helping such youth, has been launched with a series of mental health resources.

    It is a well-established fact that a significant percentage of disadvantaged young people live in bad conditions and are generally unable to get a good education. The standard of living they receive also has an influence on their life decisions.

    Creating Mental Health Awareness

    Young people from different backgrounds have shown an increase in the prevalence of depression, anxiety, and other behavioral health challenges in recent times. It is no surprise that the Surgeon General recently issued an Advisory highlighting the urgent need for addressing the youth mental health crisis.

    Besides offering multi-faceted help for disadvantaged youth, Keys2Awareness also has programs for creating mental health awareness. The organization’s director pointed out, “More recently, the pre-existing mental health challenges in the young have further deteriorated at an alarming rate.”

    “It is in keeping up with these challenges that we have developed our programs to provide the youth and their families with access to a varied range of mental health resources,” he further added.

    Assistance for Mental Illness

    The organization’s director further claimed, “It is unfortunate that almost 80% of youth and children requiring mental health services are not getting it.”

    He further elaborated on the underlying reasons for this inability to receive help for mental illness. Some of these reasons included negative attitudes related to seeking assistance for mental health problems, access to support, cultural beliefs, lack of knowledge of where to get help, and the availability of providers.

    Treatment Approaches

    Helping disadvantaged youth find the right mental health treatment resources is an important step in providing help for mental illness. According to Keys2Awareness’ spokesperson, “Treatment can include a wide range of approaches and they can take place in different settings.”

    The kind of services offered varies based on the youth and their family’s needs and preferences. The diagnosis of the problems they are facing is also an important factor. These approaches can help individuals get access to mental health resources that can involve:

    • Peer mentoring
    • Psychotherapy
    • Care coordination

    Or a combination of many different approaches.

    The organization’s spokesperson further said, “At Keys2Awareness, we are driven by the goal to provide help for disadvantaged youth in our country. This makes it essential to focus on mental wellness and health. We are always seeking opportunities to identify challenges and provide quick intervention.”

    Our mental health awareness programs are focused on promoting positive behavioral health. This includes conducting an assessment before guiding the youth to appropriate treatment resources. “We know that this is the time to act and we cannot afford to wait. We are on a mission to provide help for disadvantaged youth and improve their lives,” the spokesperson further exclaimed.